TST value grow based on our
Entertainment, Music and Social Platform.

TST uses diverse contents to amplify TST
usage which provides Total Utility Platform.

What is TST?

The TST platform complements the shortcomings of existing Internet broadcasting and is a platform that leads a healthy content culture.

The TST platform is aiming for novel and interesting ideas such as drama, lyrics, composition, comedy, movie, CF, etc. of creators, avoiding advertising, gambling, and profanity of existing Internet broadcasting. It also serves as a "star gateways" for everyone who dreams of stars like "new singer, actor, comedian, film director, cf director" on the TST platform.

The TST platform has a goal to make the world a fan of Koreans beyond the Hallyu and to make it into Korea, Japan, China, Europe and USA.


Business issues & Solution
  • Business issues

    K-culture exposure
    Coin usage in the real world
    Lack of rewards for content providers & users
    Lack of creative content

  • Solution

    one-stop K-culture blockchain platform
    (mobile & pc)
    Practical application in everyday life
    Reasonable rewarding system
    (support diverse artists)
    Multiple MOUs with entertainment related companies+self contents production

Product Line

TST Platform

TST is blockchain based system which give you availability to use coins that are unified with variety of contents. Also, this system compensates contents creators, copyright holders and users. Within TST, anyone can use and make earn incomes!

  • Social Media Activities

    Votings, Recommending, sharing and other activities gives you rewards.

  • Contents Sales

    you’re contents are in total security and it can be sold for fair prices

  • Zero Fees

    After final construction of TST’s eco-system, 0% fees are occurs. Creators or copyright holders are rewarded in full amounts as they should be earning.


Entertainment Platform

TST Entertainment Platform is a subdivision of TST, with the same policies, reward system, and planned ecosystem. Creators, who use this platform, including copyright holders and users, will be rewarded under TST’s compensation (reward) policy.


Music Platform

TST Music platform has 5,600,000 songs from popular artists around the world and has acquired high quantities of streaming technology. TST Music platform will provide music streaming services within its ecosystem, and applications and service commercialization are ready to use. TST Music platform will also offer NFC (Near Field Communication): QR code technology that can be used in tandem with music cards, digital media ads, figures, and related accessories to diversify revenue sources.


Social Platform

In order to cultivate the right contents culture and star, Social Platform is working with the people who have rich experience and expertise in each field such as entertainers, film directors, cf directors, regular broadcastings companies cp and directors.

Money Flow


Inflow of Funds

  • incomes from commercials

  • purchase of contents

  • support to creators


TST’s Circulation of Funds

  • TST TV within daily life

  • Markets of contents trading

  • Donations to Influencer

  • Commercial platform


Outflow of Money

  • Rewards to users

  • Costs for Nod’s stability

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